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Conserve your building!

投稿記事by しえらさん » 2013年3月31日(日) 20:31

To all citizens

We have set new rules about deleting old building. Specific rules are following:
・Last login of the owner is 1 month before.
・Modrequest by other players.
If both stats are qualified, the building will be deleted by Mod/Admin team.

But if you are clear that you can't log in this server for several times and you will continue playing in Sakura after you can login again,
you can request conserve your building at this topic

The template is following:
コード: 全て選択
The building you want to conserve's...
・Location x:   y:   z:
・The term you can't log in:YYYY,MM~YYYY,MM

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Re: Conserve your building!

投稿記事by strickerrei » 2015年2月12日(木) 06:51

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====This is a improved version of the topic====

To all citizens of the server,

Regulations related to demolition of construction has been updated. The following are the specific regulations.

If both status are qualified below,
・The latest login for the owner of the construction is more than a month.
Modrequest by other players
The construction will be demolish by Mod/Admin team.

However, if you are acknowledge to be non-active in this server, and you would still play in the server in further future, you can request for conserve/protect your building in the following topic:
(This topic is in Japanese)


The following is the template:
コード: 全て選択
The building you want to conserve's...
・Location x:   y:   z:
・The term you will be non-active in:YYYY,MM~YYYY,MM

コード: 全て選択
====This is a improved version of the topic====
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